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CODEDOC's configuration is read from .codedoc/config.ts. A typical config file looks like this:

1linkimport { configuration } from '@codedoc/core';


3linkimport { theme } from './theme';



6linkexport const config = /*#__PURE__*/configuration({

7link theme,

8link dest: {

9link namespace: '/my-project',

10link },

11link page: {

12link title: {

13link base: 'My Project'

14link },

15link favicon: '/favicon.ico'

16link },

17link misc: {

18link github: {

19link user: 'johndoe',

20link repo: 'my-project',

21link },

22link gitter: {

23link room: 'my-project'

24link }

25link }



The theme of your project is configured in a different file, .codedoc/theme.ts. This is because the theme is also imported by client-side codes (codedoc's bundle) and hence should not be mixed up with your typical project configuration, which might include imports and elements that cannot be transported (or should not be transported) to the bundle.

Read More on Theme

linkAvailable Properties

The following are all of the configurable properties, set to their default values:

1linkimport { configuration,

2link DefaultMarkdownCustomComponents,

3link DefaultMarkdownCustomInlineComponents,

4link DefaultToCMarkdownCustomComponents,

5link DefaultToCMarkdownCustomInlineComponents,

6link } from '@codedoc/core';

7linkimport { guessTitle } from '@codedoc/core/transport';


9linkimport { theme } from './theme';


11linkexport const config = configuration({

12link theme, // --> always include your theme

13link src: { // @see /docs/config/entry

14link base: 'docs/md', // --> the base folder for all markdowns

15link toc: '', // --> markdown file for toc, relative to `base`

16link not_found: '' // --> markdown file for 404 page, relative to `base`

17link pick: /\.md$/, // --> which files to pick (default: .md files)

18link drop: /(^_)|(\/_)/, // --> which files to drop (default: files)

19link },


21link dest: { // @see /docs/config/output

22link html: '.', // --> the base folder for HTML files

23link assets: '.', // --> the base folder for assets

24link bundle: 'docs/assets', // --> where to store codedoc's bundle (relative to `assets`)

25link styles: 'docs/assets', // --> where to store codedoc's styles (relative to `assets`)

26link namespace: '', // --> project namespace

27link },


29link bundle: { // @see /docs/config/bundle

30link init: [ // --> a list of initialization scripts for codedoc's bundle

31link codeSelection$, // --> this fella makes code snippets interactively selectable

32link sameLineLengthInCodes$, // --> this fella ensures the same line length in code snippets

33link codeLineHints$, // --> this fella is responsible for hints in code snippets

34link codeLineRef$, // --> this fella is responsible for references in code snippets

35link smartCopy$, // --> this fella makes `CopyButton` work

36link copyHeadings$, // --> this fella makes links to headings easily copiable

37link contentNavHighlight$, // --> this fella highlights current section in content nav

38link deferredIframes$, // --> this fella defers iframes for faster loading

39link smoothLoading$, // --> this fella makes loading new pages smoothly like an SPA app

40link tocHighlight$, // --> this fella highlights the current page in ToC

41link postNavSearch$, // --> this fella is repsonsible for searching a term in a page

42link ],

43link },


45link afterBuild: [], // @see /docs/config/hooks


47link dev: {

48link port: 3000 // --> the port for local dev server

49link },


51link page: { // @see /docs/config/page

52link title: { // --> configuration for page title

53link base: 'Codedoc Sample Page', // --> the base term of page title

54link connector: ' | ', // --> the connector of different parts of the page title

55link extractor: (content, config) => // --> the page-specific title extractor

56link guessTitle(

57link content,



60link ),

61link },

62link favicon: undefined // --> link to your fav icon

63link meta: { // --> meta tags of each page

64link subject: undefined // --> the subject meta tag for each page

65link description: undefined // --> description meta tag for each page

66link keywords: [], // --> a list of SEO keywords

67link themeColor: '#212121', // --> the browser bar color of your docs

68link appleMobileWebStatusBarStyle: // --> same as above, but for iOS Safari

69link 'black-translucent'

70link },

71link fonts: { // --> font settings

72link text: { // --> font used for texts

73link url: // --> URL of font used for texts

74link ',700&display=swap',

75link name: 'Hind' // --> name of font used for texts

76link fallback: 'sans-serif' // --> the fallback font for texts

77link },

78link code: { // --> font used for codes

79link url: // --> URL of font used for codes

80link ',400&display=swap',

81link name: 'Source Code Pro', // --> name of the font used for codes

82link fallback: // --> fallback font for codes

83link `'Courier New', Courier, monospace`

84link },

85link icon: { // --> the icon font

86link url: // --> url of hte icon font (and perhaps the outline icon font)

87link '',

88link name: 'Material Icons', // --> name of the icon font

89link outline: // --> name of the outline icon font

90link 'Material Icons Outlined'

91link }

92link },

93link scripts: [], // --> a list of script elements to be added to the head

94link stylesheets: [], // --> a list of stylesheet elements to be added to the head

95link post: [], // --> a list of functions for post-processing each generated HTML page

96link },


98link markdown: { // @see /docs/config/markdown

99link Code,

100link Heading,

101link customComponents: // --> custom components available in markdown

102link DefaultMarkdownCustomComponents, // --> default components provided by codedoc

103link customInlineComponents: // --> custom inline components available in markdown

104link DefaultMarkdownCustomInlineComponents

105link },

106link tocMarkdown: { // @see /docs/config/markdown

107link Heading: ToCHeading,

108link customComponents: // --> custom components available while parsing toc markdown

109link DefaultToCMarkdownCustomComponents,// --> default toc components provided by codedoc

110link customInlineComponents: // --> custom inline components available in toc markdown

111link DefaultToCMarkdownCustomInlineComponents

112link },

113link plugins: [], // @see /docs/config/plugins


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