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linkToC Navigation

The ToCPrevNext component scans through the ToC, matches the URL of current page and extrapolates the previous and next pages, showing beautiful buttons for navigating to them:

1link> :ToCPrevNext

linkCustom Labels

You can customize the labels of the buttons via prev-label and next-label attributes:

1link> :ToCPrevNext prev-label=...Previously, next-label=Up Next...

linkCustom Icons

You can customize the icons of the buttons via prev-icon and next-icon attributes:

1link> :ToCPrevNext prev-label=...Previously, prev-icon=arrow_back, next-label=Up Next..., next-icon=arrow_forward

The icons are read from the configured icon-font, which is by default Material Icons. You can override this in .codedoc/config.ts as well.

Learn More about Custom Icon Font

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